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Welcome to Computer Troubleshooters

We Keep Your Computers Healthy

We provide antivirus and antispyware software, maintain Windows™ patches, and keep common third-party applications up to date.  We monitor your systems to detect imminent failures.

We Keep Your Servers Running

We provide 24×7 monitoring of your servers and are notified immediately when problems occur.  Our preventive maintenance program keeps downtime to a minimum.

Our Help Desk Solves Your Problems

When you have a problem, help is just a phone call away.  Whether your email is not working or you can’t access a file on your server, just call!  We can be there for you 24×7 to keep your operations running.

We Help Protect Your Data

We work with you to design an affordable and appropriate backup and disaster recovery plan to protect against the inevitable mishaps that will occur.

We Help Keep Your Network Secure

From firewalls to ensuring your security software is up to date, we work with you to make sure your network is as secure as it can be.